Stories of Hope

Hope is an amazing thing. It’s not possible to work in child and family well-being in any capacity and not understand that hope changes the trajectory of a life. We all hear the stories about one person making a difference in someone’s life, as a role model, a teacher, a parental figure, trusted neighbor. Our research has shown that a trusting relationship with one person makes THE difference for a child who is struggling.

It’s easy to talk about the work done at Saint Francis Ministries and other organizations like ours as “difficult.” “Tough.” “Heartbreaking.” We know that it also earns many other adjectives.

Inspiring. Hopeful. Heartwarming. Energizing. Restoring.

We share stories of hope here, of people who saw amazing transformations, who found their way through trauma to understand the gift of resiliency and compassion. We share here what keeps us going, what brings us to work, and what feeds our souls.